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Legacy Updates

Your after old post are you have a fun look as they only go back so far.

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Additional Update

9 April 2020

Submission Terms & Conditions

Small changes to the Terms & Conditions Ver.12

This Is What Happens When Shortcuts Are Taken

30 March 2020

Song Submissions Terms & Conditions

Updates to the latest Terms & Conditions Version 12.

Download Gate Problems

Toneden download gate problems & temporary fix.

Discord Revamp

Upcoming changes to the current discord.

Song Submission Form

Temporary submission downtime.

New Year Already

1 January 2020

Top 10

Just a small update for the top 10 songs of 2019.

Songs Submission

Basic information on what has changed.

Release Dates

Just the usual of when songs are going to be released.

Posted Less & Bigger Posts

28 October 2019

Update Post Changes

Small changes how the posts will be working.

Submission Release and End Of Year Plans

Little bit of information on when the next free release date is at the time of posting this and what is going to be happing at the end of this year.

Release Dates

Dates of when songs will be released as per usual

This Page Is A Mess

30 September 2019

Submission & Content ID Update

Progress update and small changes.

Release Dates

October 2019 Release Dates

Now To Catch Up On Lost Time

30 August 2019


Due to the resent downtime given there is goin gto be delays in a few places.

Release Dates

Expected Release Dates

Why Did We Do This So Early, Oh

18 July 2019

Planned Submission Delays

Due to some plans made about 5 months ago submission will be delayed by a few days.

Release Dates

Release dates for August

Its All About The Timing

30 July 2019

Website Changes

Releasing new features and updates to existing pages.

Release Dates

Upcoming Release Dates

Just Dropping The Whole Seconds Thing

26 May 2019

Remix Channel

This has been dropped

Release Date

Upcoming releases

This Is Not Going As Planned

28 April 2019

Website Downloads

Creating a download/stream gates

Audiomack Player

Removal of player from website

Release Date

Upcoming releases