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Song Submission

Before continuing do note the following information:

Should any of our team feel that the document has been fill out falsely, we reserve the rights to deline the submission.

Song submissions are being processed through the company zoho.

Max file size for submissions is 20MB if you file is larger than this you can email us and we can organize an alternative.

If you are a label company submitting on behalf of an artist, contact us via email othersie we will decline the submission.

Any accepted songs will not be getting any revenue unless agreed upon prior the submission getting accepted, you can get hold of us should you have any questions regarding this.

If any part of the submissions request a URL do put the full URL and not your username, or we will skip those links.

Submission for Mix-tapes or similar in nature will be declined whether it is remix or original.

Submissions, depending on demand will have a reponse given out wthin 3-4 working days.

Any accepted songs may have a delay from when they are accpeted and released.

Any submissions processed will be using the latest Terms & Conditions found on:

Should you have any questions before or during the submission process you can get hold of us using any of our contact form or any or our social media.