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Latest Terms & Conditions

NOTE: This Section is only the outline of the license in a more simple and easy way to read.

Terms and Conditions Version 12

Definition and Interpretation

  1. Unless mentioned or specified, the following is used in the following context:
    You, Your and Artist refers to the submitter.
    Us, We and Our refers to Royalty Free Promotion.
    Content meaning any audio found within the submission.
    Third Parties meaning someone that was not directly involved in the making of the content or may use the content that is being submitted.
    Content Creators referring to any person/s that makes audio and/or visual content.
    Platform refers to websites.
    Form refers to Royalty Free Promotion form/s.
  2. The singular words include the plural and vice versa.

Single and Collaboration Song Submissions

  1. Upon submitting the your content on the form you are, implying all rights for the content belong to You, in-case of remixed content you have acquired full permission from all third parties and are able to provide this information on request.
  2. All your content provided does not violate any third parties conditions.
  3. Upon submission the content you are giving us the right to display some information found within the song submission document.

Release of Music

  1. Upon submitting your content you are giving us licensing rights until; (i) request to have the content removed by any third parties, manager or labels (ii) content has been release with a label.
  2. Upon submitting the following your content you agree the content may be release on platforms not listed hereunder.
  3. Submitted content will be released on: YouTube (www.youtube.com/c/royaltyfreepromotion), Soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com/royaltyfreepromotion), Audiomack (www.audiomack.com/artist/royaltyfreepromotion), Facebook (www.facebook.com/royaltyfreepromotion), Our Website (www.royaltyfreepromotion.com).
  4. Submitted content will be release for commercial and non-commercial use within YouTube, excluding remixes.
  5. Any third parties requesting to use submitted content within YouTube through us, will be required to give attribution to You and Royalty Free Promotion.

Label/Record Assignment and Content Issues

  1. Should your content be assigned to a record/label, notification is required within 48 hours of the song being submitted, failure to provided notification, may result in (i) content removal (ii) notification via email being sent out.
  2. Should your content have any problem after getting accepted, we will contact via email or social media as secondary option, failure to respond may result in (i) content removal (ii) content being rescheduled.

Privacy Information

  1. All information processed through our form will be archived and can be accessed by employees we have.
  2. Any third parties who's software, applications, or platforms we use to monitor submissions, may be able to see/read/store this information.
  3. Companies that we currently use to monitor submission are:
    Zoho Privacy Policy: www.zoho.com/privacy.html
  4. Information that may be accessible to the public are: (i) Content Name (ii) Artist Name/s (iii) Social Media (iv) Content Genre (v) Additional Information if deemed acceptable by us.
  5. All Information will be kept for a minimum of 7 years.

Terms and Conditions Changes

  1. We reserve all rights to change the Terms and Conditions. Should the conditions change 1 months notification will be given by us through our social media or by e-mail.
  2. You have the right to have your content removed, should the changes not fit your need or provide concern.
  3. Should you not take any action, before the changes happen you are therefor accepting the new changes when they are implemented.

Terms & Conditions Version 12.3
Created March 2020
Last Reviewed November 2021

Legacy Terms And Conditions & Changelog

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