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Any updates made can be found here along with our social media should the site be down for some reason.

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Thrid Party Updates

14 November 2022

Planned Outage

The song submission form may be out during a thrid party outage

Another Outage

7 January 2022

Website Downtime

To implement general changes to the site we will be taking the site down for around 1 hour.

Terms & Conditions Changes

Incormation on the changes to the Terms & Conditions.

Lets See How Well This Will Work Out

15 December 2021

Streaming Gates & Main Website Logos

Due to requests some platforms will not show on self hosted stream gates & website

Main Website Design & Bug Reports

Changes to website navagation

Website URL Update

Possible URL fix has been applied

Terms & Conditions Changes

Minor & Major changes have been made to the Submission T&C

Well That Took Alot Longer

29 September 2021

Website Outage Update

Website has been updated and should be up and running

Updates To Your Inbox Updates

Due to some problems this has been removed for the time being

Just Your Normal Planned Outage

26 September 2021

Website Outage

There is going to be a website outage for approx. 1 hour tomorrow

Song Releases

After evaluation over the few months there is a small change to the releases

Just Another Update

30 June 2021

Blog Page

There is a small change to how the updates will be done mostly to do with the other sections mentioned below.

Song Submissions

There is going to be a new way we are releasing the song this may get changed back...

Release Dates

Release dates will no longer be mentioned due to the changes mentioned in the post.

Hey Dedicated Emails

22 March 2021

Discord Changes

Just some minor discord changes.


Emails will be sent out from se emails depending on the email query.

Release Dates

Just your average schedule for the next 3 months.

Where Did The TIme Just Go

25 December 2020

Submission Terms & Conditions

There is going to be a small change to the version 12, so if you have song released on this, check out what is being changed.


Just a small change in what is in the form for song submission, mostly to do with the above changes.

Release Dates

Just you average schedule for the next 3 months.

Song Submission Additions

28 September 2020

ISRC Codes

Introductions of the ISRC Codes in the submissions.

Content ID Section

Updates of the COntent ID Section.

Release Dates

Release Dates for the next quarter.

How Long Will These Last

25 June 2020

Terms & Conditions Update

Just a recap of things that were mentioned in the second quarter.

Artist Account

Information on additional form that may be implemented.

Content ID

Information on what is happening on the Content ID Page.

Release Dates

Just your normal release date's