Any updates made can be found here along with on our facebook page should the page not be working for some reason.


Recent Site Outage


Information on the recent site outage

Sure Has Been A While


-Website Revamp-
Revamp to the site will be happening hopfully with minimal or no downtime

Additional Update


Submission Terms & Conditions
Small changes to the Terms & Conditions Ver.12

This Is What Happens When Shortcuts Are Taken


Song Submissions Terms & Conditions
Updates to the latest Terms & Conditions Version 12.

Download Gate Problems
Toneden download gate problems & temporary fix.

Discord Revamp
Upcoming changes to the current discord.

Song Submission Form
Temporary submission downtime.

New Year Already


Top 10
Just a small update for the top 10 songs of 2019.

Songs Submission
Basic information on what has changed.

Release Dates
Just the usual of when songs are going to be released.